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January 24
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Band of Brothers by Kicho-Keynote Band of Brothers by Kicho-Keynote
SO i got bored when i thought up of them.
How did this happen you ask?
Well, i was watching Korean dramas, which lead to Korean Boy bands, which lead to Big Bang and SHINee and Super Junior, which lead to ME drawing a boy band.

I's call them *drum roll please* THE BAND OF BROTHERS

How i got the name?
they are each brothers!!!!

Now then, info time!

From Left to Right

Damon Mathews
Height: 185 cm or 6'0"
Body build: Muscular
Personality: Cocky, Determined, Curious (to girls especially), Impulsive, Bold, Straight Forward
Age: 22
History: Damon is the eldest out of the boys. He is Koda's older brother and he twins' best friend. He adores having people adore him, and treats admirers all the same, though girls tend to get special privileges. Throughout high school he was often viewed as the prince of the school, the guy every girl wanted but couldn't get. So most everyone was just glad whenever he acknowledged them. His Junior and Senior year, he encountered someone who thought he was sun the world revolved around. The person,his junior, cause a lot of trouble for him, especially his senior year where the boy threatened to hurt Koda because of the fact that he was too close to Damon. It ended in a restraining order and the kid moving to Canada. (No offense to any Canadians out there) After Koda's Senior Talent show, where Damon and the twins helped out by forming their band that Damon named on stage that day, the boys decided to start together as a band under the name "Band of Brothers" on Youtube, till they got found.

His Kanji: Freedom

Chance Labell
Height:179 cm or 5'10 1/2"
Body Build: In Shape
Personality Happy-go-lucky, Active, Affectionate, Prideful, Playful, Adaptable, Carefree
History: Chance is the youngest of the twins, and as such, he's the one that clings to the other. He's the reason he and his brother befriended Damon and the one who wrote the song they song at Koda's Talent show. He loves his brother more than anything in the world and if people don't accept him, then he doesn't accept them. All throughout high school he had many girls confess to him and he would always agree, not being able to turn girls down, but all of them inevitably ended with a horrible breakup when the other party got annoyed of him always talking about his brother, without knowing that it was because of his brother that he was alive today. When he as in elementary school his dog died in it's sleep, and a couple of days later they went to a lake to spread it's ashes and he fell in. form then on, everyone except Chase thought he was suicidal. He doesn't not know how to swim because of his experience as a child.

His Kanji: Dream

Chase Labell
Height: 177 cm or 5'10"
Body Build: Muscular
Personality: Quiet, Secluded, Logical, Competitive, Rational, Prideful, Careful, Traditional, Neat
Age: 21
History: Chase is the older twin, and allows his brother to cling to him for hours on end. He was skeptical at first of Damon but accepted him mostly because Chance was really attached to him. He was Chance's inspiration for the song that introduced them in as "The Band of Brothers". He was the most popular out of the two of them in middle school because of his quiet demeanor - the girls thought he was cool. He once broke up with a girl that told him he needed to stop spoiling his brother and treating him like a child. Through High school he was seen as an obstacle because of his brother being the one that clung to him more than anyone else. The only other person he saw his brother cling to was Damon and then Koda after some time of getting used to. When hes not around his brother he's often seen talking to Koda or working out with Damon. He's only happy when his brother is or when he's listening to music.

His Kanji: Strong

Koda Mathews
Height: 192 cm or 6'3"
Bond Build: Fit
Personality: Kind, Curious, Quiet, Social when need be, Independent, Truthful, Trustworthy, Artistic , Creative
Age: 18 
History: Koda used to have his own bond with some friends from school, but hen the talent show was mentioned and they started preparing, two of the boys, two cousins, wanted out as long as Koda was in the group because of his popularity. So they kicked him out, leading Koda to ask his brother to hep him out since all he ever wanted to do was sing on stage. If it wasn't for that, The Band of Brothers would have never been formed. So The brothers, Damon included, have Koda, the youngest, yet tallest ember of their band, to thank for their existence. When he was  freshman, he got caught up in the thing with his brother and his stalker and he still gets scared every now and then if they seem to have anything like an obsession with him or his brother, though he doesn't have the time to get as afraid as Damon considering the fact that Damon instantly becomes the coward with stalkers.

His Kanji: Gentleman

I was going to make poems for each of them and their Kanji but...nope.
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TheLaughingKitten Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Student Writer
Their so awesomeness!
Kicho-Keynote Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Lyrics-Rain Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
If you can carry a story line with this, it would be an interesting read, they all have similar personalities it seems like, but they express it in different ways, very nice
Kicho-Keynote Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I was going to try to do that and hope for the better.
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